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When Slam Poetry Gives You Goosebumps


You know you’re on a good thing when your work gives a Queensland Government Minister goosebumps.


You know you’re on a good thing when your work gives a Queensland Government Minister goosebumps. That’s exactly what happened when the Minister for Disability Services, the Honourable Coralee O'Rourke, viewed Khemistry’s second instalment of the Everybody Has a Role to Play campaign for the Department of Communities.

Launched in-line with the start of Queensland’s Disability Action week, the slam poem ‘Respect’, airs frustrations felt by people with speech impairments. It also talks to several other issues faced by people with disabilities.

“We asked the Department’s social communities to share their stories of living with disabilities with us. We heard people tell us that they [people in wheelchairs] get patted on the head and congratulated simply for getting up in the morning. It is truly ridiculous how some people behave with, and towards, people with disabilities” said Khemistry’s Creative Director, Lindsay Thompson.

Following on from the success of the first video, Khemistry again partnered with Indel-Ability Arts (IA) to develop the work.

“It just made sense to continue working with IA. They are a terrific group, hugely talented and professional. I learn so much every time I work with them.”

The first campaign piece ‘The No-Pile’, was a light hearted, fun take on the frustrations people with disability have in finding employment. With this second piece, we really wanted to get people to stop and think about how they behave – and Michel just nailed it! As he says, “How remarkable will it be when we realise the rewards? When we rethink, rewire, reset. Respect.”

About Author

Tim Kelly is the Senior Copywriter for Khemistry. He has nearly ten years’ experience in the advertising industry, both as an Account Executive and Copywriter. This experience allows Tim to deliver holistic creative solutions and award-winning work. Tim is also an AWARD School graduate with a wealth of life experience, gleaned from almost a decade abroad working and travelling the globe.

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