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Lameless self promotion

The Queensland Government Creative Agencies’ Meet & Greet was a chance for Khemistry to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate our unique capabilities. In reality, these events can sometimes feel like everyone’s just going through the motions, but in Augmented Reality, it’s an formality not to be missed.


A picture of success

Using photo frames of our work and a bespoke Augmented Reality App (built by Khemistry), we were able to present our case studies in an engaging and innovative way. Using supplied tablet devices, people pointed our App at our work to bring it to life. This meant our case studies got much more attention and showcased the specific skills of our agency.


The frame works

We loved our photo frames so much that we’ve been using them more and more. Now, we have decided to share them with you!

Khemistry’s Augmented Reality Showcase is now available for download on the App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices.


  1. Download App

  2. Print out the images below

  3. Point App at images to see our amazing work come to life*

* If you want to save paper, the experience will still work if you point the App at the pictures on your screen.


We hope you enjoy our little bit of extra magic to crassly self promoting our own work.


About Author

Tim Kelly is the Senior Copywriter for Khemistry. He has nearly ten years’ experience in the advertising industry, both as an Account Executive and Copywriter. This experience allows Tim to deliver holistic creative solutions and award-winning work. Tim is also an AWARD School graduate with a wealth of life experience, gleaned from almost a decade abroad working and travelling the globe.

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