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Content Has a New King

The term ‘Content is King’ has been thrown around more times than a steak at a vegan party. But what exactly does it mean? It goes back to the day the industry realised the internet was destroying free-to-air television. People were switching off. We were frustrated with only six channels and being force-fed what they wanted us to watch. I mean, we couldn’t even skip the ads!

Youtube became the new custom TV and streaming companies such as Netflix took on the cable networks. Online entertainment became known as ‘content’. And it was everywhere - cat videos, fail videos and so forth. It didn’t take long till ‘online only’ series popped up. Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in cars getting coffee’ was one of first (and extremely popular) web series. Brands sought to capitalise on the popularity of ‘content’. Some did it well, some not. A victim of its own success, saturation hit quickly. Now, consumers see through branded content and are wiser to fact they’re ‘being sold to’.

But overnight a new benchmark was set. Say hello to the brilliant new campaign from Hewlett Packard… for photocopiers.

Well, it’s not really a campaign. And it’s not just an advertisement either. It’s engaging content that feels more like a short film. And it’s awesome!

From the opening frame and score, it captures you. It takes you for a ride into the world of a hacker. Its narrative is absorbing and unearths a sinister reality where photocopiers (still can’t believe it) are the enemy. But even more shocking is that it’s not before you reach the end frame that you even know you’ve been watching an ‘ad’ from the HP brand. That’s the beauty of it, it blurs the line so well and manages, so seamlessly, not to be an ad.

And it works. Why? Because you end up watching the lot and you know that it was from HP.

From one content creator to another, the Khemistry team are crushing pretty hard on HP right now. Let us know what you think of it!

About Author

Tim Kelly is the Senior Copywriter for Khemistry. He has nearly ten years’ experience in the advertising industry, both as an Account Executive and Copywriter. This experience allows Tim to deliver holistic creative solutions and award-winning work. Tim is also an AWARD School graduate with a wealth of life experience, gleaned from almost a decade abroad working and travelling the globe.

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